Cool Accessories for Your iPad

hether you own the original iPad or the latest incarnation, the aptly named iPad 2, you’re probably aware there are countless accessories you could utilize.  The machine’s versatility contradicts its simple design, but is what has propelled it into a top money maker for Apple.

While none of these cool accessories were manufactured by Apple, there’s little doubt companies manufacturing useful and interesting accessories for the iPad are enjoying their Pot o’ Gold.


If you’re concerned about dropping your iPad and wondering how you’ll ever pick up all the pieces, then iBallz Ultimate Drop Protection might be just the thing for you. Four soft, shock-absorbing balls that fit over the tablet’s corners protect it in case the iPad is 

dropped. It also features an adjustable cord that allows size adjustments to be used with other brands of tablets, including the Amazon Kindle, Sony E-Reader and others.

Typing on a tablet protected by iBallz is also a cinch. Remove one ball and place it behind your tablet of choice so it sits on an angle. Voila! Not only that, the rubberized cord to which the iBallz are attached can be stretched into a tablet holder, so it can be carried like a satchel.

Meanwhile, the makers of iBallz don’t want your smaller hand-held devices to feel ignored, so they recently introduced iBallz MINIS.

These four round balls are identical to their larger cousins made for tablets, and they help stabilize your handheld device while its being used on a hard surface.  

Rub-a-dub-dub, take your iPad (safely) to the tub  

If you can’t imagine taking time away from your iPad even to take a bath, then Aquapac is for you. The sealed, waterproof holder is guaranteed to keep your iPad dry, even if you hold your tablet 15 feet underwater for up to 30 minutes. The company offers a similar product for iPhones and other handhelds, too, so if you’re a beach bum with a love of electronics, check out the full line of Aquapac products on Amazon.

Etch-A-Sketch iPad case

Remember all the hours you spent creating magic on your Etch-A-Sketch? Well, the manufacturers of that feel-good toy certainly hope so, because they’ve created an iPad case that emulates what might have been the first ever interactive device.                                                                                          

No, the white knobs on the bottom corners of the Etch-A-Sketch iPad case don’t turn so you shouldn’t expect to create Etch-A-Sketch magic on your tablet. There’s also no Etch-A-Sketch app, so you won’t be able to create magic pictures on your tablet like you can on a real version. This case is mainly about looks, but it sure makes for a great conversation piece, too.

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