How mobile devices inject efficiency into social media work

I’m all about creating efficiency as a busy mom and entrepreneur.  Social media can take a lot of time unless well managed, so I look to tools that allow me to get the job done quickly, yet effectively.  One of my favorite tools for creating social media efficiency is mobile devices.

Social Media Application

BYOT: Whose technology will rule the workplace?

The ever increasing reach of technology has spawned a new phenomenon in the workplace, and it is slowly but surely raising an uproar. Many technology, human resources and purchasing executives are asking themselves how to handle the influx of employee’s personal gadgets at work. 

Cool Accessories for Your iPad

hether you own the original iPad or the latest incarnation, the aptly named iPad 2, you’re probably aware there are countless accessories you could utilize.  The machine’s versatility contradicts its simple design, but is what has propelled it into a top money maker for Apple.

While none of these cool accessories were manufactured by Apple, there’s little doubt companies manufacturing useful and interesting accessories for the iPad are enjoying their Pot o’ Gold.


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